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Imagine sipping a cup of tea which transports you into the cool hills of Sri Lanka, where the monsoon rains and winds nourish the landscape that permeates the senses; where the cool humid aromas of evergreens, eucalyptus, wintergreen, menthol among misty cool cloud forests, warm temperate rainforests and flowers, married with the ever present scent of ripening tea caress the atmosphere. Come with us. Put your feet up, and live your romantic side while indulging yourself in the delights of Single Estate Ceylon Tea.



At the Monsoon Mountains we take care to ensure that all our teas are ethically sourced, and workers from the planters to the pluckers to the factory workers are all given a fair deal. We make sure that we only source from small holdings and from gardens where workers and their families are well taken care of, that have excellent reputations for both corporate ( workers welfare programmes supporting local communities) and environmental sustainability.

Our goal is to provide you with some of the finest loose leaf Orthodox teas from Sri Lanka , along with excellent customer service. Most of all, we would like to make our place an area of sanctuary, away from the frenetic, stressful business of the world. We hope you stay a while, and at the end of your journey, take some tea home with you. Many thanks for your interest and custom.

 please do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you would like to purchase tea or arrange a sampling session by appointment. Payment can be made via personal cheque, and I also accept PayPal .

Tel: 0131 558 3263 or 0771 558 3063


With warmest wishes,

Rebecca Mackay

Specialists in Single Origin Ceylon Teas