Mava Tay's Breakfast Blend

This beautiful marriage of low elevation and Dimbula BOP leaf is enhanced with the sweetness and delicacy of abundant tip.  This is a lively wake up call of morning goodness. 'Mava' and 'Tay' both mean 'Mother' in Sinhala and Tamil respectively, and, this tea is definitely the mother of all breakfast teas. Just the right pick-me-up to see you start the day - with a mother's love. A truly delightful and satisfying morning cup - and equally potent at any time of day. Made stronger, it takes milk well and is also lovely with a wedge of fresh lime and a bit of sweetener.

Balanced tannin with low astringency, a crisp, energetic mouthfeel and smooth to dry cava after effect. Semi sweet chocolate and caramel with a cut grass edge and summer meadow aftertaste. A sense of petrichor that wakens the spirit.