Melfort Estate GP1 with Jasmine Blossoms

This green tea from the Melfort estate in Uda Pussellawa is exceptional, as are all their teas. This tea has such a mild gentle rest on the palate, hardly astringent for a green tea and very mellow and relaxing. Gorgeous notes of light sultanas, honey and hay, with a wonderful pure Jasmine perfume that is perfectly balanced.


Also available as Melfort Estate GP1,


Lumbini Estate Golden Tips

Rare Golden Tips tea from the Lumbini Estate . This is a low elevation Golden Tip tea. Tips are entirely made up of the young unopened buds of the tea plant, and the youngest leaves have fine downy hairs from which the Chinese word for down -  'Pekoe' (Peh-Koh) for the first two leaves and a bud of the tea plant, derive their meaning. Older leaves lose this fine hair as they grow larger and more robust.

The dry leaf is velvety to the touch because of this fine down.

The buds also carry the most concentrated flavours of the overall plant, and are often used to add tip to more processed black teas in order to add sweetness and aroma.

On its own, it is one of the most delicate of flavours. This tea is deliciously refreshing for those who want the tea without the usual tannin kick - a beautiful harmony of light almond and apricot veiled with strawberries with a smooth mouthfeel and lingering sweet meadow aftertaste.