The Monsoon Mountains Tea Company


Along with all our intentions, for the general public, and our growing list of clients,  we want to create a place of sanctuary and calm away from the frenetic day to day world, a place where peace and contemplation rule the day. A place where all are welcome and none are left behind.

Here, in the 'mountains' we refer to our ethos as EST. Est is the third person singular of the Latin verb Esse, to be. For us, it also stands for Environmentally Sustainable Tea. Our packaging is biodegradable, is all done by hand and, although it is labour intensive, this does not affect the cost of the tea to the consumer in any way. Rather, it is a Labour of Love on our part

Scotland and Sri Lanka share a close and historic relationship with tea. A great many of the first tea pioneers and planters that cleared the jungle to make way for new tea plantations that today, sculpt the landscape of the Hill Country and beyond, came from Scotland.  Life then was as though a tea craze had struck them and much of the jungle was cleared indiscriminately and without any consideration to wildlife habitat and the environmental cost of clearance. We live in a day and age now, where environmental issues are paramount, and where tea is concerned, the plantations today must place the environment before profit.

Tea is a Work of Art. And nature has more of a hand in it than we do and we like it that way. We work in Tea Education, Tea for Health, Tea for Life. Tea for global conscience and sustainability. We plan on giving something back which means we pledge to work with charities in Sri Lanka to help orphans, tsunami victims, schools, reconstruction, and we make absolutely certain that all our teas are ethically sourced.