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Although, you could call it a tea party, what we also offer are tea tasting sessions at parties and events.

Your tea tasting adventure can be entirely designed to suit you. Whether you would like your tasting event to be held in the comfort of your own home, in the garden or the gazebo, a marquee or patio, office, or club, (and we do love book clubs), hotel or spa,  an art gallery, theatre or Music Hall, or even a wizarding or fairytale  landscape, whatever suits you best! We at the mountains are not just serious about what we do but we love a touch of whimsy too and we aren't afraid to go climbing into all kinds of scenery. As long as it's in a space where we can plug our kettle in.

And Although we don't supply any food, we do come supplied with our tea tasting equipment, and, more to the point, our tea.

We can accommodate up to 12 people maximum for now, but we do have over twenty types of tea for tasting, and ask you to plan for a two hour session with an extra half hour set up time in order that we can have everything ready for when your guests arrive.

When you host a tasting party, as the host, you'll receive a 100g pouch of the tea of your choice**, along with a sampler set of your choice, with our compliments. 

Your guests will also have the option of purchasing teas or sample sets, at your event.

We can also arrange for one to one tastings.

Basically, we can accommodate from 1 - 12 people at any given time.

All you need do is  contact us to arrange a date and time for your tea tasting, plan for a tasting event, invite your guests and we will be there.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details. We love to talk tea.



* 12 people max

**does not apply to Ceylon Silver Tips


More Than A Tea Party


Tasting Sessions

We host a number of different types of tea tasting sessions, and these can be tailored to as simple or as elaborate as you would like your session to be.*

A Tasting Session is a unique experience, and, consists of us bringing our tasting equipment; that is - crockery, and we use professional standard tasting crockery, tasting spoons, and a kettle, as well as our teas which will be available for purchase at each session we do.

The rest is basically up to you and how you might like to host it, whether you want to just make it a sampling session, or also serve some small nibbles. We suggest though, if you plan to have some treats, be sure that they are not too strongly spiced or savoury as this will corrupt the delicate notes of the teas you will be tasting.

There is also the option of giving a presentation or talk about Ceylon Tea, Sri Lanka Arts and Culture, including our own travels and experiences there.

A normal tea tasting session can take up to two hours.  Add a half hour on the front of your time for set up and an extra half hour to session time if you would like a presentation.

As host, please see  'Our way of Saying Thank You' Below.


Our Way of saying Thank You

One to One Sessions

Your Tea Tasting Adventure

What is a Tea Tasting Session?