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New Arrivals:

NEW TEAS HAVE ARRIVED! These are tea estates which will be added to our CEYLON TEA page as soon as possible. These are:

LOW ELEVATION                              MID ELEVATION                                           HIGH ELEVATION

Lumbini Estate Golden Tips             Bearwell Estate BOP                                    Uva Highlands Estate BOP
Lumbini Estate FBOPF ExSP                                                                                  Dambatenne Estate BOP   

Lumbini Estate Pekoe                                                                                            Pedro Estate FBOP       

New Batuwangala Estate OP1                                                                               Pedro Estate Pekoe

GREEN TEAS:  Melfort Estate GP1 and Melfort Estate GP1 Jasmine Green. Both exceptionally mellow

LUMBINI ESTATE SPECIAL: KESHARY BLOSSOM TEA : This is a beautiful single big blossom hand made tea that opens into a full skirt in a wine glass or glass tea pot. exceptional, unique and complex - a real treat!

We will be photographing and pricing these soon.