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Our New Blends are here!


Queen of Ceylon - the best of a number of low and high grown beautiful grades of Ceylon Tea, with a resplendent show of delicate tip.



The Crown Imperial - it's everything it says. Emperors, Queens and Kings. A Regal blend of First Flush Namring Estate Darjeeling and Black China Keemun.



I'm looking to stock some Lumbini Estate FF which will be coming to add to our selection of Ruhunu region ( low grown) teas. This lovely tea is on our next shipment list, although I can't specify just now when it will arrive - please watch this space. 


A major study by leading scientists at Cambridge and London Universities have discovered that Ruhunu teas are known for constituents that decrease stress hormone levels. At present, we stock Wijaya Estate FBOP ExSp and Vithanakanda Fancy OP1. We're quite pleased to get a better variety fo low growns and fine, high grades of Ruhunu teas.

Now, I really had better stop waffling and spread the good news! Many thanks for ALL your support for visiting the website, and we hope you enjoy coming back often.





We will be closed for business for the month of April 2014 

We will be working on inventory and improving our pages here during this time . We are also bringing in some beautiful New Season teas from Sri Lanka, and one Lumbini FFExSp , which we have been looking for, for a long time now. If you would like any preorders, please do not hesitate to contact me:

New teas from Sri Lanka are coming ! We are bringing in a number of new gardens and very fine grades for MAY 2014.