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New Vithanakanda Estate FFExSp

  A low elevation tea that grows from 20 - 500 m above sea level, the Vithanakanda estate supports 6,000 small holdings and yields about 140,000kg of tea monthly for a wide range of connoisseurs. Nearby, the beautiful Sinharaja Rainforest Nature Reserve makes for wonderful walks, and the fresh robust scent of the humid landscape is reflected in this  tea. The dried, long wiry leaf shares an aroma of freshly picked apricots, sun dried sultanas and plums, and is delicately veiled with rich dark chocolate notes.

The velvety smooth liquor is beautifully aromatic and complex, filling the room when you brew, with flavours that dance on the palate and linger long, with a lovely clear colour.

Ratnapura means 'City of Gems' in Sinhala and Tamil, and it is a region renowned for its precious gemstones, especially sapphires and rubies, and this definitely is a gem of a tea.




Here you will find a range of our black Ceylon teas by their elevation as Low, Medium, and High grown teas . More information about each region is included on our Tea Regions page.

Low Country Teas

Up Country and KandyanTeas

Loolecondera FBOP

The Loolecondera Estate lies in the Hewaheta Lower/Delthota sub district hills just South West of Kandy at an elevation of 900 – 1400 meters above sea level producing a mid elevation tea. This region is known for it's 'Kandyan' teas. This has a special place in the hearts of all who have come to know Ceylon Tea . This is the place where tea in Sri Lanka has its beginnings, and where James Taylor, affectionately known as the 'Father of Ceylon Tea' planted the first tea bushes there in 1867. 

Tea is still harvested there from some of the original bushes that were planted by Taylor.

Bursting with new mown hay, rich in caramel and honey flavours, with citrus and sultana notes. The liquor is a Classic Orange Pekoe amber , clean, lively, bright.  Lovely tea.

Makes an excellent breakfast tea, or mid morning or afternoon tea, and has a deep rich colour when milk is added but is also fabulous without.


Western Medium

Western High


Uva High Region

Inverness Estate Pekoe

Tea from the Inverness Estate is one of the finest from Sri Lanka. It is harvested at the highest tea estate on the island, at 1'900 meters above sea level, in the heart of tea country in the Nuwara Eliya district, and is a Mark of the Edindburgh Estate.

These high windswept hills are more exposed and coveted by the cool mountain mists and breezes that sweep across the hills.

The aroma we get here is very rosey and flowery like freesia or frangipani, peaches and lychee. I take it this is due to the 'Queen of the Night ' flowers abundant in the hill country. A fresh and delicate perfume.

Its colour is a classic pekoe – bright amber orange. Crisp, clear, bright in the cup that dances in the mouth.

It feels like gossamer smooth silk chiffon , sliding about like a slow moving river swirling like a dancer in the mist, with a refreshing citrus astringency more domineering than at first with roses that linger, long after the dancer has vanished.


Inverness Estate FBOP

A tea that is most delicate, poetic, and sweet with very light astringency and delicate pucker. Truly exquisite.

Light bodied, but smooth as  moving midstream waters it swirls in the mouth and remains silky satin to the finish. Quite refined.

Really the most mellow of all the teas we carry from Inverness Estate. This one is truly exceptional with an aftertaste of light apple and spring meadow, fields of clover and hints of roses and a delicate astringency that clings gently like the best silk chiffon.

A fantastic after dinner tea for very special occasions.


Clydesdale ( Balmoral) Estate BOPF

This tea has presence. Clydesdale is the selling mark of the Balmoral Estate, in Agarapathana, Dimbulla, at an elevation between 1,066 - 1,524 meters above sea level. The dry leaf has notes of rich and humid countryside meadow, and fresh hay,while the liquor has a deep dark red amber,clear and bright in the cup, lively. This tea is just made for those strong, grounded men of the Clydeside shipbuiders. This is the builder's tea!  It is  robust and full bodied and round, with flavours of fresh clover and honey and big on caramel tones; rich, and lusty. This would have been the kind of tea that Scott might take to the Antarctic, or for those of us who enjoy the great outdoors , camping and hiking, this is the tea to invigorate by.

Delicious and lingers long. It is exceptionally creamy and really bold if made strong, with milk, this one takes a gold medal.


Somerset Estate Pekoe

A lovely classic round rolled large leaf pekoe tea with sweet and flowery orchid aromas with a rich pungency, malty, and slightly spicy.

A beautiful show of clear deep red amber colour in the cup, with intense flavours of flowery meadow, malt, and a mild hint of fresh cut greenery. Silky and smooth in body it lasts with a dominance of sweet cypress and evergreen with malty and flowery notes lingering to the last. This tea takes milk well if made strong without spoiling these flavours and aromas. A wonderful tea.
The Somerset Estate is in the Dimbula district and yields really classic full flavoured teas so characteristic of the region. Somerset teas are grown at an elevation of 1'100 meters the bushes are exposed to the dry, dehydrating winds and floating monsoon mountain mists which give the teas from this area their unique flavours.


Ceylon ( Sri Lanka) Teas.

Nuwara Eliya

Specialists in Single Origin Ceylon Teas

 New Vithanakanda Estate FBOP

 A beautiful FBOP Grade. Mellow and relaxing. Full of plums , raisins, passionflower notes and chocolate. Raindrenched and sundrenched, this makes a beautiful warming tea for winter and iced tea for summer. Best with lime rather than lemon.


Lumbini Estate FBOPF Ex Sp
A very mellow tea with an abundance of tip.
Notes of frangipani, passionflower with hints of green hay and sweet lime, this tea is full of rich complexity and best taken without milk .


Inverness Estate OP

A classic large open Pekoe leaf with the classic fresh and delicate Inverness Estate flavour it is famous for. Beautiful sweet hay, meadow and clover touched with roses.




 Lumbini Estate Pekoe

A wonderful classic large leaf beautifully rolled Pekoe tea. The blue black bloom is gorgeously uniform and is reminiscent of a Gunpowder green tea roll in size and feel. This is an exceptioanlly mellow tea with a smooth mouthfeel and low asrtringency. Very fragrant, complex notes of plums, sultanas and wildflowers, laced with sweet cedar aromas and frangipani.


New Batuwangala Estate OP1
A bold, large leaf Pekoe tea.  This smooth mellow low grown tea from the Batuwangala Estate is luxuriously rich in body. Flavours are complex but with top notes of plums and sultanas into sweet freesia and a hint of lime zest.


Uva Highlands Estate BOP

High grown on the Eastern Massif of Central Sri Lanka, This tea is exquisite. By far one of our most prized possessions, it it a stunning tea from dry leaf to finish.

A classic Uva tea, with the rich sweetness of dark forest honey and malt with light veiled overtones of wintergreen, all which are characteristic and unique with Uva teas.

Uva teas are sought after for their unique qualities and rich flavour.

I have a particluar penchant for Ella and Bandarawela towns, both which  nestle deeply within the Uva Hills. The wildlife is stunning and the landscape ripe and rugged.

The tea speaks for itself.  Magnificent.

I also carry an Uva High Pekoe which is lighter in body but with a flavour to match the BOP, but less rugged. Lighter, with more honey and apples.

Both are beautifully veiled in the wintergreen / menthol notes that especially sought after Uva teas are famous for.

Price  £4.00 / 100g

photo to come soon.


Bearwell Estate BOP

An award winning quintessential Ceylon BOP with a beautiful delicacy in the mouth feel and exceptional Dimbulla characteristics. Smooth, light but not a sharp citrus, balanced with a hint of roses and new mown hay with a veil of caramel sweetness. Refreshing as morning dew. A smooth mouth feel from start to finish and a superb cup at anytime of day.


photo to come soon.

Holyrood Estate BOP

A neighbour to Bearwell Estate on the great Western Range in the Dimbulla Region, The Holyrood - or sometimes spelled Hollyrood - is a wonderful classic Dimbulla tea with just the right balance of sweet citrus, lime flowers, new mown hay and dewy meadow. Smooth mouthfeel with just that hint of tannin, an refreshing afternoon cuppa.


photo to come soon.

Holyrood Estate Pekoe

An exceptionally balanced classic Dimbulla with just that extra light caramel and sweet citrus that lingers long on the palate. This tea will remind you of English country gardens and tea with jam and bread. Just right for an everyday cup.

photo to come soon.

Pedro Estate Pekoe and FBOP

The Pedro Estate Factory nestles on the slopes of Mount Pidurutalagala - shortened to Pedro by the English colonists for the sake of ease of pronunciation - creates some of the finest 'Darjeeling' or Champagne type teas in Sri Lanka and they are wonderful for their delicacy and brightness and floral notes. Marks of the Pedro Estate are Lover's Leap and Mahagasthotte Valley.

The Pekoe  and FBOP are a beautiful light and sweet to slightly sharper teas - depending on the time of year it is plucked, with hints of roses, fruit, and fresh cut flower stems in the bouquet and flavour. Bright in the mouthfeel and pleasantly long lingering. The Pekoe has a lighter bosy, with apple and rose notes

The FBOP tends to be more potent than the Pekoe, although both share similar characteristics, the FBOP gives a slightly more full bodied feel with a more pronounced veil of flowers and fruit on the palate - noticeably, baked apple and rose.


photo to come soon.